Fatboy is an artist-inspired, boundary pushing, beauty & style brand made for all people, regardless of race, gender, politics, religion, haircut, color, texture or length.

Tyson Kennedy

Tyson, the 6 ft. 2” skinny lad and original “fatboy” is an acclaimed hairdresser and founder of Cutler Salon Brooklyn, NYC. Working on hair all day every day, Tyson became frustrated with the lack of styling products that performed and “really did the business”. Tyson set out to change this, and began working on a recipe on the kitchen stove top in his Lower East Side apartment. The result was Perfect Putty. Fatboy the brand was born and Perfect Putty soon became its first hit. Fatboy has since grown into an award winning range of high-performance hair essentials. Tyson is still creating, but long since moved from his kitchen to world class laboratories across the U.S. developing products that you didn’t know you needed, but you certainly won’t be able to live without.


The Factory is the creative hub of Fatboy, the place where the diverse cast of characters who collaborate with us can always be found; – fellow hairstylists, musicians, authors, photographers, painters, free-thinkers – and they also inspire us. The Factory is Fatboy’s headquarters, commune, collective. Here, in this corner of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you might find us styling a photo shoot, rigorously testing product, (thousands of times), cutting hair, or having an impromptu jam session.