Spray Putty is Popsugar's pick for the top beauty products for June

"I was lucky enough to get a haircut from Fatboy's founder, the ubercool hairstylist (and former rock star!) Tyson Kennedy. In an impulsive, prechop moment, I asked him to give me 'a mullet, but make it fashun,' and he delivered with the most amazing Jane-Fonda-in-the-'70s-looking layered cut. I had no clue how to style it after Tyson's impeccable blowout went bye-bye, and I was left with '90s-mom hair. Luckily, he slipped me a tube of his Fatboy Spray Putty($28). I get afraid of putties because they often leave my hair greasy, but this spray form is the perfect hybrid of lightweight and effective. A pro tip is to spritz it an arm's length away from your hair, then scrunch up your strands to give definition and an edgy texture. (Then do a few hair flips just for good measure.) As Tyson put it, this product gives my hair 'a little boogie.' And honestly, what more can I ask for?"