Tressed to Kill: Get the Khloe look with our Sea Salt Pomade

Awesome shout out from they say best fetch our styling cream before it sells out!


Great for the Kardashians..and it seems for Jimmy too! Thanks Hello Giggles for including the Daily Hydrating Shampoo as a must have for National Mens Grooming Day!


So awesome to be featured as one of COSMOPOLITAN'S best Sulfate-Free shampoos!

paraben free shampoo


Loving Refinery29 for the shout out! Sea Salt Pomade makes it feel like a beach day everyday!

 Allure and Sea Salt pomade: the perfect combination!

We're proud of this one. Celebrity hairstylist Richard Kavanagh talks us through Margaret Zhang’s look for the cover of L’Official, Manila

Oh, and other people are talking about Fatboy too...which people I hear you ask? Well, these people for a start.